oh teresa Hysterical Literature.This is very very hot. Like very. Women are reading books in a studio whilst a rather skilled fluffer is under their table making them come.(And this is the best bit) whilst they try and read and remain composed.

Check out Stormy and Teresa. Wow.  Btw would you two like to come over to pleasure towers and just  continue to show the world how sexy a bit of clit flitting can be?

But of course our point is. There is lots and lots of good safe sex out there. Reading aloud whilst your friend tickles your fancy. Can’t get safer than that. And even better you might want to indulge in a little fantasy.

We love all that over here in pleasureland. See here for Share your pleasure evenings in Delhi for example. 

And, my two finger tangoists, you can combine it with the ultimate art of self love and safely.

Go on.talk yourself

Play with yourself tonight.


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hurrah for the FC

hurrah for the FC

We remember talking pleasure and prevention back in the day and now we are loving that more and more propagandists are catching on. First this chap called Bill Gates and now those female condom folks with their call to action for

……Global Female Condom Day….

Listen to their info  here…

‘You can help advocate for greater access to female condoms by pledging to take action on September 16, as part of a movement of women and allies around the world who are taking control of their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Female condoms are powerful tools for prevention and pleasure – and they’re the only available method for preventing both HIV/STIs and unintended pregnancy designed for women to initiate’.

And click here on the text for a  link to some of our handy tips for using those famous little sex toys…

female condom and pleasure sexy tips


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The Pleasure Project is a little bit excited to announce that there is  a new pleasure publication out, and (ah hum) we have written a chapter in his exciting book that highlight the importance of pleasure’.  Women, Sexuality and the Political Power of Pleasure’ published by Zed and edited by the formidable trio of Cornwall, Jolly and Hawkins…. . We give our  new view of harm reduction and the possibilities of good safe sex in porn and some of the wonderful people who do just that. We quote a few brilliant dirty writers who always do it safe to show how much the safer sex world has to learn about pleasure from the pleasure world.

The book is filled with pleasure propogandists talking good sense such as Jo Doezema who busts some myths about sex workers and pleasure, such as ….they never getting it at work or that sex work is  ’easy money’. Jo talks aboutthe evidence that sex workers experiences of pleasure can be linked to their amount of control at work and how sex workers as ‘pleasure professionals’ have a huge amount of skills to teach non sex workers about pleasure, something we could not agree more with at Pleasure Towers as the best good safe sex skills can always be traced back to a sex worker. Alice Welbourne does her own myth busting about pleasure after an HIV diagnosis and Lorna Couldrick and Alex Cowan highlight the assumptions that people with disability are often seen an non sexual.

There are also a few fantastic chapters about sex education as it is and as it should be in Nigeria, Malawi , Uganda and Turkey. As Xiaopeu He wonderfully sims it up by ending  her chapter.

‘these exciting stories, erotic desires and colourful lives..and the boundary breaking good humour with which they are shared motivate……the collective struggle for rights to pleasure’

Hear Hear

crime n pleasure







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Sex being fun

Sex being fun

Doortje Bracken, of IPPF, has written a brilliant article in The Guardian yesterday about the need to talk more about sexual pleasure in sex educations. She kicks off by repeating the astounding fact that is our motto ‘ Sex can be fun’ . Something that often gets lost in promoting safer sex and family planning.conditions for great sexThe article highlights the lack of discussion in most international development forums but highlights that the time is ripe to ensure that ‘ Women’s ability to contribute to their communities and economies depends on empowerment, confidence and equality‘ becomes a key message in the new international development goals after the Millennium Development Goals  finish in 2015.

Then she goes on to highlight how sex can be empowering and ‘It’s about being confident and enjoying our bodies, having fun and not being forced into having sex when we don’t want to; about using education and information to reinforce positive messages about safer sex, so that people of all ages can enjoy it when they feel the time is right.’

Hear Hear !

Kama SutraDoortje highlights The Pleasure Project’s ground breaking role in getting pleasure more accepted as important in the sexual health field (Cheers  D !) and links to our critical Lancet article in 2005 that highlighted our early research in this area. The article also bigs up the work of Indian organisations, such as the Sonagachi  Sex Worker Collective and Institute of International Social Development in Kolkata, in using the safer sex wisdom of the Kama Sutra as highlighted in The Global Mapping of Pleasure.

We are it has to be said, just a little little bit chuffed.

And will be talking about this on a Guardian online chat tomorrow between 12-2pm (GMT). Join us with some fun questions.

Look to  Society Guardian  for the link tomorrow. Here is the ARTICLE AGAIN just in case you missed it.

(Just because we are full of the joy of getting recognition)

Happy People

Happy People



putting the sexy into safer sexLast week we posted news on our facebook fan page and twitter about the amazing news that The Gates Foundation have issued a GRAND challenge to build a better condom. 

WE LOVE IT ! At last after all these years of pleasure propaganda it seems to be paying off. Good Safe Sex is now a subject to be taken seriously by event the Grand Bill Gates and his Foundation.

When we launched The Pleasure Project at at the 2004 AIDS conference in Bangkok, we seemed to be viewed as a mixture of sublime and ridiculous. Some people though it a good idea if a little wacky, others downright dangerous to be stating the obvious.That..

People have sex for PLEASURE.

And that HIV prevention and family planning promoters need to also think about PLEASURE and safer sex.


Over the following 8 years we were the AIDS Conference infidels  urging people to attend sessions called “Pleasure and Safer Sex: Coming together at last” or asking them to send in their fantasies of life at a conference or even ……play with themselves at night time. Urging people who promote HIV prevention to also recognise that sex can be good.

talk yourself

And it finally seems to be paying off last year many listened to our pleasure propaganda including national  US radio and the Huffington Post.

So we do say “Hurrah!” to the Gates Grand Challenge – but with some trepidation – as the call asks for only ‘product changing’ proposals. This is not just a techno fix…We know that the biggest sexual organ is the brain. …

latexThat is a vibrating cock ring feels sexy, why can’t the ring of a female condom ?

Or if a tight fitting latex dress is hot ? Why can’t the slow roll of a condom down a dick feel the same way ?

Latex dresses and condom dresses….

latex 2lady-gaga-condom-snippets

condom dress

Isn’t good safe sex is just a state of mind…..





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The Pleasure Project spent another day at the Women of the World festival in London today.

Today we hoped for some discussion of safe pleasure; but it never got there.

We kicked off by talking to Emma George who is chasing the female orgasm around the world; making a film ‘Around the world in 80 orgasms‘ about the much downplayed joys of masturbation. Always possible. Good. Safe. Sex. I also asked her how she might explain to women how they would know they have had one. Because we here at Pleasure Towers have, to be honest, struggled with that one.

Then we skipping happily into the Porn Session; hoping for an informed debate between radical feminists and a tabloid editor,  and chaired by a well respected human rights barrister and member of the House of Lords. The debate focused on the impact of pornography, whether feminist porn is possible and the evidence that porn increases violence against women.

However, to be honest, the debate was overwhelmed with ideology, polarized positions and personal emotional attacks. And to top it all no one mentioned sexual health or well-being. Porn was being blamed with causing sexual violence in the Congo to erectile dysfunction in ten year olds in the UK. We agree there needs to be better research especially on access to internet porn, which allows unheard of ease to see hard core porn. Watch this space for our upcoming piece on the potential of harm reduction in porn.

Pleasure Propagandists to the end, we asked if the panel, especially those who wanted porn banned had any vision of a world where sexually explicit films could be fun, sexy, safe and not degrading to women. Sadly there was no positive answer, but rather a constant need to criticize what we have rather than aim for something higher. And we thought feminism was about imagining a better world.

But our highlight of the session was the mum who quickly confessed that she discovered cherry lube in her gay son’s cupboard, realised he is having anal sex, wondered why gay people like it and then just as quickly confessed to the world that she has done it not once, but twice.  We love it and salute her bravery, because we know the personal is political ….and she noticed it was cherry lube. Never a dull moment when the topic of porn comes up.

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