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Then don’t miss our sexy Satellite Session at ICAAP9 (The 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific), featuring:

Sexing up safer sex, steamy (safer sex) film clips – Arushi Singh (The Pleasure Project)

Eroticizing safer sex in a devoutly Catholic country – Philippine sex columnist and radio host Anas (aka Ana Santos)

Juicy sexual health campaigns for MSM in Oz – Mike Kennedy (Victorian AIDS Council)

Making condoms and lube feel fantastic for MSM in India – Ashok Row Kavi (Humsafar Trust)

Condom social marketing with pleasure appeal – TBC (DKT Indonesia)

Wednesday 12 August, 17:45 – 19:15, BIC-Westin Hotel Auditorium, Bali. Download the flyer>>

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On April 16, 2009, Wendy Knerr presented a Pleasure Project workshop to a Share-Net meeting in the Netherlands. Share-Net is the Dutch network of development organizations and individual consultants working in the field of sexual & reproductive health and rights, and HIV. Among those present were members of the Universal Access to the Female Condom Joint Programme (UAFC), who published an article in their newsletter about the meeting.

Wendy Knerr proudly shows us a pink little bag. “this is what is sold in one of our partner countries, it is so cool, and so sexy!” We all wait curiously when she opens the bag. “ Look!” , she says while removing a transparent object with a white ring. Enthusiastically she explains that this object enhances sexual pleasure: the white ring should be inserted in the vagina of the woman; she can do it herself, or even better: ask her partner to do it. The man enjoys the top, the woman the outer ring. “This is such a sexy tool to prevent the woman from pregnancy and STIs! It is called… a female condom.”

Thanks for the great write-up!

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These people are dedicated to providing surgery to women who involuntarily underwent female genital cutting, to help restore their genital functioning and sense of pleasure. From

The goal of Clitoraid’s “Adopt a Clitoris” program is to create real, long lasting changes for women who have been forced to experience clitoral excision or genital mutilation against their will. To rebuild the female clitoris, a local anesthetic is applied so no pain is experienced when the surgeon uncovers the root of the original clitoris left after the excision. This root and tissues will become the new clitoris. The procedure takes 6 weeks for a woman to completely heal, with sexual pleasure and genetic normality being the end result.

What brave and amazing work to be doing, to allow women to experience genital pleasure again! Maybe you want to “Adopt a Clitoris”?

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This morning I came across a very fun product from the Vulva University – the Vulva Puppet!

Vulva Puppet -

Vulva Puppet -

Clearly, this beautiful, sexy, and (get this) fair trade puppet would add some jazz to anyone’s life… but also imagine the possibilities for demonstrations! Do you think if we asked them really nice, they’d make us a silky female condom to go with the puppet??

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The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – one of the leading global advocates for sexual and reproductive health – published its Declaration of Sexual Rights in October 2008. Among its principles is:

Principle 4 Sexuality, and pleasure deriving from it, is a central aspect of being human, whether or not a person chooses to reproduce. Sexual health spans a lifetime. Sexuality is an integral factor in almost all reproductive decisions; however it is a central aspect of being human, whether or not one chooses to reproduce.
Sexuality is not merely a vehicle for individuals to satisfy their reproductive interests. The entitlement
to experience and enjoy sexuality independent of reproduction, and reproduction independent of sexuality should be safeguarded, paying particular attention to those who, historically and in the present, are denied such an entitlement.

This document stands out as a forerunner in promoting sexual rights, as opposed to merely reproductive rights. According to IPPF, it should be implemented by IPPF member organizations, so it will be interesting to watch and see if any changes result from this new declaration.

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Check out this funny new condom promotion ad from India:

Although I don’t speak Hindi, the message is still clear…

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