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Hey Pleasure Seekers!

The Pleasure Project caught up with MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Georgia Arnold in August over in Camden in London. We had a great pleasure and safe sex convo and wanted to tell you all about it !

MTV Staying Alive Foundation Safe Sex Show

MTV Staying Alive Foundation Safe Sex Show

Have you heard of Shuga? Well, if you haven’t, it is a TV soap opera that first aired in Kenya on November 2009 on MTV Base. Set in bars and nightclubs, it spreads the message to youths about safe sex and tolerance, highlighting issues of HIV and teen pregnancy. It also touches on maternal and child health, family planning, gender-based violence, and women empowerment. Safe sex delivered to youths in a sexy way, for sure! It is now going on its ninth season and have a Nigerian one too (Shuga Naija)… So check it out at

Condom Emoji Promotion by MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Condom Emoji Promotion by MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Also, a must to check out is the Make Your Foreplay a Threesome emoji commercial. Definitely, by far, one of the most engaging condom promotion commercials we have seen in a while. And we have seen a few….[and fell asleep to some]

Thank you to MTV Staying Alive Foundation. We have some potential Global Mapping updates and a release on their foundations newsletter that we will keep you posted on. WE are super EXCITED !

Stay sexy ! we say.



hurrah for the FC

hurrah for the FC

We remember talking pleasure and prevention back in the day and now we are loving that more and more propagandists are catching on. First this chap called Bill Gates and now those female condom folks with their call to action for

……Global Female Condom Day….

Listen to their info  here…

‘You can help advocate for greater access to female condoms by pledging to take action on September 16, as part of a movement of women and allies around the world who are taking control of their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Female condoms are powerful tools for prevention and pleasure – and they’re the only available method for preventing both HIV/STIs and unintended pregnancy designed for women to initiate’.

And click here on the text for a  link to some of our handy tips for using those famous little sex toys…

female condom and pleasure sexy tips


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putting the sexy into safer sexLast week we posted news on our facebook fan page and twitter about the amazing news that The Gates Foundation have issued a GRAND challenge to build a better condom. 

WE LOVE IT ! At last after all these years of pleasure propaganda it seems to be paying off. Good Safe Sex is now a subject to be taken seriously by event the Grand Bill Gates and his Foundation.

When we launched The Pleasure Project at at the 2004 AIDS conference in Bangkok, we seemed to be viewed as a mixture of sublime and ridiculous. Some people though it a good idea if a little wacky, others downright dangerous to be stating the obvious.That..

People have sex for PLEASURE.

And that HIV prevention and family planning promoters need to also think about PLEASURE and safer sex.


Over the following 8 years we were the AIDS Conference infidels  urging people to attend sessions called “Pleasure and Safer Sex: Coming together at last” or asking them to send in their fantasies of life at a conference or even ……play with themselves at night time. Urging people who promote HIV prevention to also recognise that sex can be good.

talk yourself

And it finally seems to be paying off last year many listened to our pleasure propaganda including national  US radio and the Huffington Post.

So we do say “Hurrah!” to the Gates Grand Challenge – but with some trepidation – as the call asks for only ‘product changing’ proposals. This is not just a techno fix…We know that the biggest sexual organ is the brain. …

latexThat is a vibrating cock ring feels sexy, why can’t the ring of a female condom ?

Or if a tight fitting latex dress is hot ? Why can’t the slow roll of a condom down a dick feel the same way ?

Latex dresses and condom dresses….

latex 2lady-gaga-condom-snippets

condom dress

Isn’t good safe sex is just a state of mind…..





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they rub on my clit during sex

they are not just for women, but for guys with guys  too

they allow my dick to slip and move around feeling free

I can go in and out of them taking a pause between rounds but leaving it in

they stop me worrying about getting pregnant, so I sleep well

the inner ring scratches an itch deep inside me

I can walk around with it it in (reaching up  for stuff on that high shelf) to get myself really ready for sex

Or just do that all on its own whilst I’m cleaning the house for a special thrill

More Sexy tips for using the female condom

Happy Global Female Condom Day !






The Pleasure Project is lucky enough to be in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As well as enjoying beautiful views, delicious coffee and a variety of adventures we are most impressed by this poster we regularly see around the city.

It’s a new kind of eroticism of safer sex. Selling good safe sex as an exclusive club, with privileges. And it comes to us courtesy of the brilliant condom social marketing organisation DKT.

DKT Ethiopia provided 85 million condoms in 2010 in Ethiopia alongside other family planning methods and  provided a stonking 2.4 million “couple years of protection” in that year alone.  But their talent does not stop at the “members only” ribbed and dotted brand but stretches to include  a “sensations” brand.

Sensation condoms come in a whole ranges of tastes – including mint and cinnamon. However our personal favourite is coffee flavour and has been pleasuring the population since 2008.  Even better cafes in the city have been offering free coffee flavoured condoms with cappuccinos.

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, has amazing pavement cafes and a traditional coffee ceremony  where coffee is roasted and drunk sitting together. Every house and shop  has a small arrangement of coffee pot and cups for all of us addicts. So how refreshing to get your delicious condom in the saucer of your coffee rather than sloping off to pick one up behind the closed door of a toilet or from a late night petrol station.

Thank you Ethiopia for coffee and a new take on the coffee ritual.

Watch out soon for more blogs about DKT and their amazing good safe sex products. For starters here is the intriguing DKT Ethiopia advert for mint condoms that combines basketball and  breaking pots to the tune of a Michael Jackson song.


So all our dear pleasure loving safety conscious sexy people,

We know that you have got the hang of talking dirty when you want safer sex. We know you say things like this.

” Sweetie let me slowly carefully consciously unroll this tight fitting sex toy all the way down your cock so that I can feel the bumps on it grind me as we fuck. “

and you follow it up with    “Because I wanna have a long relaxed sexy breakfast with you tomorrow rather than rushing out to get the morning after pill or got for an STI test”

But maybe some of you are still worried. You are having

You know how to Put the pleasure into prevention.

But what about ethical ?  What about those sexy ribbed sex toys…..can you relax knowing that no harm was done whilst they were being made ?

Worry no more.

Well we just heard that now you can buy fair trade condoms called fair squared condoms. Rubber sourced in Kerala (which  is possibly the sexiest state in India in itself…)…and then processed in a carbon neutral factory with some of the profits going to charity.

How about that. Now we can all really relax into it.

Knowing we are pleasured, protected and saving the planet as we fuck.


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