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Annie founded The Pleasure Project after attending one too many sexual health meetings where the normal words for our “downstairs bits” were rarely used – let alone the clitoris ever being discussing….Her current safer sex obsession is air sex (after attending an air sex competition) which she thinks has rare potential for extremely safe sex education. Annie currently lives in India – where is learning more about pleasure from the places where is was recognised as sacred first. She has worked in international public health for 20 years and thought about sexual pleasure for longer – with experience that ranges from female condom promotion in Mongolia to school sex education in the UK. She has qualifications in Psychology and Health Policy.

positive news Whoop Whoop

The most recent edition of Positive News features [ drum roll]  The Plesure Project and our forward thinking approach to Sex. In their article ‘It’s my pleasure’ they headline us and how we are pleasuring up the sex education world.

Also, they interviewed a porn star with a safe sex message, to campaigners in countries where sex is strictly taboo, and the Positive News editor Lucy Purdy asks the ‘pleasure pioneers’ why it’s time for change.

The article kicks off with our pleasure activism ‘ How can we sell everything for toothpaste to cars with sex, and yet we sell sex with fear’ and then goes on to detail how and who is promoting positive sexuality and sexual health; including Love Matters a fabulous sexy sex education website, Anton Castellanos a public health activist in Mexico and Jason Domino a porn actor and safer sex activist.

We love it.positive news 2

We as are usual being evangelical about being realistic about our sex lives, really talking and on top of that highlighting evidence that women who feel good about sex and their sexuality are more likely to be able to consent and consent to safer sex. Its a no brainer, really.

Lastly, pleasure lovers, one of  our favourite quotes.

positibe news 3

Just saying.


Thanks Positive News. Onward and Upward.

Hello Pleasure Pushers

headertestv3We have just spent a fabulous weekend at the London Porn Film Festival. We indulged ourselves in watching hours of beautiful, clever, respectful, horny films that made us think, turned us on and re-motivated us.

We believe that porn can help us make a better world.

We watched some amazing films made by wonderful people. They showed us that porn is beautiful .Porn is respectful. Porn is  made by friends who love each other. Porn is about self love. Porn is  silly and fun. pff5

We really like Blath Blossom’s exploration of petals, bodies and beautiful hot sex. We may never look at cherry blossom in the same way again. blossomWe loved the careful tying up of a slow dancing couple in Harvey Rabbit’s Slow Dance.  We loved Morgana Muses and Bishop Black enjoying cake and lots of it in Paris, and giggling and squashing macaroons in ways that are still bending our imaginations.

So we felt relieved. We are often in health conferences and sex education conferences where people are deciding how other people should learn about sex. The conclusion is usually that is should be carefully censored. And so we lose fun, we lose the turn on, we lose the giggles and  the beauty. And goddam it was a relief to get it back.

Usually any real sex is cut out of sex education and we are expected to know how to put condoms on, or talk dirty about safer sex, or even talk intimately about what we want to do… and what we want to put where..

Without ever seeing it live.

It is pure madness. You would not be expected to drive a car without at least seeing a film of someone driving a car, let alone without trying it yourself as a practise run.

What makes the world think we know how to do sex, without seeing good sex up close.

We left the porn festival even more determined to make more great sexy beautiful erotic sex education. After all we all deserve it. We are even more excited to start filming in June.


cakes paris

Hello pleasure hunters,

BullutinThe Pleasure Project has just has a whirlwind of activity, including the launch of a fabulous new book ‘Sex Education in the Digital Era’ last week

We launched this new source of evidence about the impact of sexual information and online content with the Institute of Development Studies [based in the UK] and  Love Matters India an amazing ‘open, honest and sex friendly’ website.

This new bulletn has a range of exciting articles, all about the wide range of online sexual content that people can now access and what this means for sex education and our sexual behaviour. Here is the presentation that tells you all about the bulletin PPT IDS Bulletin Indian Launch.

Of course, no surprises our chapter focuses on blurring the boudaries of sex education and porn – how we need to wake up and recognise the massive impact porn is having on young and older people’s sex lives and make our online sex education more sexy. Make safer sex porn. Ensure that when people do online to get turned on they also get a bit educated without getting turned off.

We had a great crowd at The wonderful People Tree, 6 Assagao in Goa, India when the bulletin was launched, whobulletin launch India were keen to debate till late at night what the next steps should be. We talked openly about the first time we all got turned on by porn, the terrible sex education we all got and also what kind of sexy online films we like, those that both turn us on and show people enjoying themselves in  way we can emphasise with.

We argued with each other about whether condoms really diminish physical pleasure or its in our heads. Our biggest sexual organ being our brain of course.

We also had a rush of enthusiasm for sex over 70, by when [ we were reliabley informed] you really know what youimage4 want. And we al wanted to keep sharing and discussing all night but had to be broken up and sent packing into the warm Goan night.

Thanks to al the wonderful people who came and shared such a special evening. Thanks to Nilankur and People Tree for again being so generous to host us. And to Love Matters who enabled the hospitality.

Talking about the evidence



The buletin was launched in the UK the previous week and we were also lucky enough to take part in the ‘Sex, Rights and Pleasure’ Lab and see all the entries for the grand award. And see who won here..


Hello pleasure seekers,Does this work ?!

The Pleasure Project is currently in the throes of making a sexy safe sex movie that that will show the world how condom demonstrations can be sexy rather than the usual  turn off.  Given that most people wear condoms on their sexy dicks rather than [ah hum] bananas, we want to show how to do this in a fun creative way.

We are seeking couples, one hetero sexual and one gay men, to star in these short movies. They need to be between 18 and 35 years old and willing to travel to london in January.

The short films will be used only as a link in part of a bigger health research project, to test how much these alternatives types of sex education can change people’s behaviour for the better; in terms of sexing up safer sex.

Given the amount of sexually transmitted infections among young people in the UK – and the amount of porn we know people watch, we think its about time someone made alternative respectful films. They films will show you having fun, laughing and also sharing your knowledge of how to use condoms. The films will be explicit.

Do let us know if you are interessted or what to talk to us at Pleasure Towers about this.

No Single men please.  And please only contact us if you are geniunely interested couple, this is a serious pleasure project.

Pleasure and Safer Sex are important life saving issues. Thanks !

Condoms are no laughing matter

Condoms are no laughing matter


This post is by Arushi Singh

We were at a conference in January where they talked about MAGs who are uptakers, delayers, or switchers. Any guesses what this refers to? It’s just teenagers who have sex! Yup! We were at the International Conference on Family Planning in Bali and we thought it was time to wake the family planning community up and help them smell the sex in the air.

Our funky poster at the ICFP2106

Our funky poster at the ICFP2016

Because when we talk of married adolescent girls (yes, the very same MAGs), we need to remember that they are engaging in sex that may not be consensual, pleasurable, or safe. So rather than focusing only on their ‘uptake’ of family planning, or when they ‘switch’ their contraceptive methods, or whether the reason for using contraception is ‘spacing’ between births, if we also focused on their sexual wellbeing, provided them and their spouses with sex-positive education that helps them develop mutually respectful, loving relationships, we may be contributing significantly to these young girls’ lives and addressing their realities. After all, we know that a majority of married adolescent girls’ experience of sex within marriage is violent, scary, and unwanted.

A study in northern Ethiopia revealed that 81% of child brides interviewed described their sexual initiation as forced. In India, they were 3 times as likely to report being forced to have sex than girls who married later. Studies have also found that child brides typically continue to experience non-consensual sex throughout their marriage.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom even though we were among the handful who were bringing up the idea that sex can and should be pleasurable. This, especially so in the face of what Dr. Chandra-Mouli of WHO said at the plenary on the second day, that is, that porn is more accessible to young people than contraception.

Michelle Chackalackal wow-ed the crowd

Michelle Chackalackal wow-ed the crowd

Our friends at Love Matters were running their #pleasurematters campaign and there were some sexy condoms available with free coffee!

Flavoured condoms, coffee, and pleasure - the perfect combination!

Flavoured condoms, coffee, and pleasure – the perfect combination!



















Our guerrilla campaign was appreciated by a number of people at the conference.

Arushi adds some points of interest to the women's loo

Arushi adds some points of interest to the women’s loo

Proud of pleasure

Proud of pleasure

We came across words like ‘coitally’ dependent and cringed. 20160128_133931

At a panel on rights and contraception, the panelists made the point that just focusing on supply chains, or providing a good method mix, or provider training, or even all three combined is not enough. There are all the gender and sexual norms that also need to be overcome. This includes those that perpetuate child marriage, violence against girls and young women, and silence and negative attitudes around sex and sexuality.

Bill Ryerson of the Population Media Centre spoke about conformism – where people are driven more than anything to fit in, to be the norm. So how do we make the norm positive, i.e. that sex is fun, enjoyable, something in your control and under your agency to make it safe? DKT is obviously doing a good job of that with brands like No YawaLydia and Kiss in Ghana and the accompanying advertising (yes, the very same who gave us a prize!).

We are constantly talking about uptake of contraception as success, which is fine, but there is too much emphasis on the numbers – what about the voices and desires of the “MAGs”? Considering they are known to lose their social networks and be disadvantaged in so many other ways! Are we seeing “MAGs” as spacers, delayers, switchers, uptakers, and / or victims? They are human beings with human rights! We need to provide information not only on the method mix but also talk about sex. These girls were most likely expected to be asexual till they were married at which point they would be transformed overnight into sexually active women.

We were overjoyed that Carol Larson, President of the Packard Foundation said that young people are not thinking about family planning necessarily but about sexual enjoyment and pleasure. And we are doubly overjoyed to be on our way next month to Women Deliver to sexy it all up again in the women’s rights and public health world. Watch this space for more info! ICFP 2

no pleasure ?

wot no pleasure ?

pleasure quote twoHi Pleasure Seekers,

The Pleasure Project is at the International Conference of Family Planning#ICFP16 in Indonesia, searching out the pleasure in Family Planning….In fact we tried to have a session there and got turned down. [Teeth grind]

So really we are frankly a bit disapointed. There is not much. But we have had a really good look, there are some of fellow pleasure seekers out there.

But out of all of the 1000’s of presentations, maybe 10,000 in all there are only 10 that mention pleasure at all…. thats like 0.00001 % right ?

There are a couple that the NGO Simavi @SimaviNL who have been working Jharkand, India will present on. It sounds exciting, Loan Liem and colleagues created sex education that included pleasure and found that young men liked it…Also the Family Planning Association of India, in Uttar Pradesh [number 1152] have been delivering sex positive sex education. Its awesome and impressive.

Aa couple of presentations highlight the myths that surround how contraception will affect pleasure, or doesn’t address how they might affect the pleasure in sex. For example a study in Zambia [#1652] addresses myths about diaphragm use and pleasure, whereas in Uganda [#336]one study found that many people believed injectable contraception would remove the pleasure in sex.

Ayo Adebowele also found in Ibadan in their study [401] that men beleive vasectomy also cuts the pleasure in good safe sex……

lastly most presentations that actualy mention pleasure, which for us is a huge step forward. However most of the research studies focus on how contraception does not affect pleasure…..but we say maybe planning INCREASES pleasure, or could increase pleasure more…So rather than worrying about family planning being a dent on pleasure we should celebrate good safe sex..because #pleasure matters

Done your planning ? Now time for pleasure, but there is a way to go yet..

our poster at ICFP 2016












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