About the Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project is an educational, advocacy and research initiative that promotes safer sex that feels good.

While most safer sex and HIV prevention programmes are negative and disease-focused, The Pleasure Project is different: we take a positive, liberating and sexy approach to safer sex. Think of it as sex education …  with the emphasis on ‘sex’.

We aim to make sex safer by addressing one of the major reasons people have sex: the pursuit of pleasure.

The Pleasure Project works with:

  • NGOs and the public health sector
  • erotic media producers
  • journalists and media outlets

We provide innovative training, consultancy, research and publications to sexual health trainers and counselors, NGOs and others who want to take a more sex-positive approach to their work. We help erotic media producers to incorporate sexy safer-sex into porn films and other media. And we research and write pioneering articles for influential publications, such as The Lancet and Reproductive Health Matters.

We are the leading international voice working to eroticize safer sex, and have been featured in newspapers and magazines and on radio and TV around the world.

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You can read more about the Pleasure Project on our home page.

The Pleasure Project is an initiative of Taking Action for Sexual Health (TASH) www.tash.org.uk.

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  1. Derrick’s avatar

    My name is Derrick Flowers and I am the Program Manager for Outreach at ASCNYC located in New York City. I came across an amazing palm card about the Female Condom. We are in the planning stages of launching targeted outreach and testing efforts for Young heterosexual females ages 18 – 29 yrs. I believe there is a hidden epidemic in this population. Many of these young women engage in sex with their male counterparts many of whom are men who have sex with men or simply being kids are experimenting. But with the incidence rate in young MSM so high prevention for young females must also be a priority. How can we get a couple hundred palm cards and other promotional literature to use in our campaign?

    I can be reached at 212-645-0875 (o) 347-331-7027 (M) 41 East 11th Street NY, NY 10027

    Thanks you in advance for your support and attention.

    Derrick Flowers

  2. Anne’s avatar

    Hi Derrick

    Not sure if you sent an email too – can you email us or let us know your mail ?

    Which were the palm cards you saw ?