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Young people are getting angry about the fact that they can vote, pay taxes, enter the military . . . and yet they are not seen as responsible enough to use contraception or practice safer sex. And despite some grown ups being in  denial – they do have sex.

This great video made by some students in the USA is campaigning against Government cuts to sexual health services provided Planned Parenthood Federation.

Here it is….

I have sex

There is a great new blog on the UK Guardian’s “poverty matters” blog

” Love and Money: Why secooking stove and sexx and development are not strange bedfellows”. here it is

It is a great  rallying cry about the need to think more about sexuality when it comes to development work – and for health and education services to be  more effective by recognising departures from sexual norms.

But we did make a little comment about the fact that all the examples chosen are negative examples of how sexuality affects development: women as victims of violence, girls unable to attend school due to menstruation, people killed because they are gay.

What about more examples of all the good things that can come from our sexuality and sex lives – empowerment, pleasure, self awareness and more safer sex…..?

Check our comment below the article and here.

If you want to be quoted anywhere in India……

it is in “Tehelka” India’s leading and courageous investigative newpaper.

………well  as long as you are not being quoted as accepted a huge bribe in one of their famous sting operations.

And here we are,  The Pleasure Project,  quoted in this weeks Tehelka. It’s  an  article about 50 years of the pill in India. And Indian womens’ relationship to it.

We talk about how public health people find it so hard to just talk about ……..umm …….umm…….you know….S…E…X……and how we can learn from the marketing skills of the porn industry to sell safer sex.

Read the whole article “Sexing the Pill”  here.

We  an event that happened last week.

On Valentine’s Day the UK  Department for International Development (DFID) launched a photo exhibition on sexuality and development put together by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). Check the photos here on the IDS website.

DFID’s Permanent Secretary, Nemat Shafik, Professor Lawrence Haddad (IDS) and Carla Sutherland (from Arcus Foundation) spoke on the importance of sexuality for development and DFID’s aims. Watch the video here .

Key messages were that sex and sexuality are important in all of our lives, including poor people, whose poverty means they cannot choose supportive or non violent relationships. Young women are married against their wishes  and men cannot afford dowries . Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are excluded from health services and therefore exposed to greater risks of ill health.  More women die during child birth or people die of AIDS because sexuality is an under researched and taboo topic . DFID’s commitment to improved family planning and reduce maternal deaths requires a deep understanding of sexuality.

Lawrence Haddad,  one of the key voices on international development ( and an uber blogger)  spoke and then blogged about sexuality and development . Lawrence urges us all to “get beyond the giggles” when we work on sexuality and poverty reduction to see how critical it is to “mainstream” development issues – why girls drop out of school or how toimprove family planning and reduce maternal deaths. He even gives little old us  here (at The Pleasure Project)  a special mention – as an organisation that works to use positive  attitudes such as romance to encourage safe behaviour .

Three Cheers for DFID and IDS and a lifetime pleasure propagandist award for Professor Haddad from us at The Pleasure Project.

It’s in the post Lawrence.

Go New York !

The City’s Health Department have just launched a smart phone application that allows users to locate the nearest condoms at their time of need.Their phone’s will now lead them to the 5 nearest places that have free condoms and tell them  whether they are open or not.

New York gives out 3 million free condoms a month – and the city‘s health department want to keep people safe – they say that lots of people come to New York for sex and they want to keep it safe. What a refreshing attitude.

The smart phone application uses global positioning systems to help the condom needy to free supplies of condoms – lets hope that in the future it will also talk dirty to you to keep you excited as you head out into the cold Manhattan streets to find them.

We are loving the fact that souvenir royal wedding condoms have hit the London streets…..but there is a huge downside. They don’t work.

The “royal purple” 3 condom pack  has a picture of Prince William and Kate Middleton on the front.

We do like how the official website tries to sexy up the royal family and condoms

“Combining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be, Crown Jewels condoms promise a royal union of pleasure. Truly a King amongst Condoms.”

Inside the box there is a saucy guide to use the ‘Heritage Edition’ condoms boosting  “England boasts some of the finest lovemaking in the world, with a tradition going back generations”. I’m not a Royalist but they will win me over with that sort  sort of flattery.

However the website also states ” Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Souvenir Condoms are a novelty condom not suitable for contraception or protection against STDs.”

Why ? And why are they allowed to sell them if that is the case ?

We might be seeing quite a few royal babies next year..

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