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There are so many reasons not to.

We didn’t have to come all the way to the home of Sigmund Freud to know our desires will always be sublimated. But passion is the opposite of reasonable and in the spacey, jetlagged early mornings, I search the plenary for the set of your shoulders and the vulnerable naked place at the back of your neck that I have already stared at through so many meetings, imagining the taste of your skin. As the days warm up, the smell of rubber from all those condoms gets overwhelming and for me it’s the smell of sex… almost unbearable.

We sit together and the small spaces between us crackle with the static of the un-said and un-done. I dream about you at night and all day at the meeting every allusion to sexuality reminds me of what we might do, every political passion feeds the desire unravelling inside me…inside me, where you would be if we weren’t both so wedded to reason.

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The Pleasure Project has got heaps of people talking…and made it into quite a few news channels…

Here we are interviewed by AIDSChicago

and talked about on Reuters and IRIN  news


And some other people are talking about pleasure too now – the world is listening !

Young people need more pleasure



the newly proven Microbicide gels can be marketed for pleasure


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When I first arrive at a conference – jet lagged and exhausted – I usually have my head down on the task in hand. However there is always one –other fresh new arrival who catches my eye. And you know how it is in a crowd of 25,000 people he keeps popping up again and again – in the queue for the abstracts book – waiting for a coffee at the same time in the morning – getting on the same conference bus .

It’s funny how that new country, old friends, jet leg combination always gets me thinking about new adventures. Especially, when I’m surrounded by discussions of multiple concurrent partnerships, migratory sex, cross border transgressions. It just gets me into the mood for some of my own. It sounds so good coming out of the mouths of those so serious intellectual epidemiologists. Makes me want to try it again and again. And where better than AIDS 2010.

So back to X.  This time I’m standing by my poster. Heaps of people streaming past.  And then him. He nearly passes. Then pauses and turns. God he looks better close up. I guess West African – probably French speaking. Shoot my French is rusty. He’s statuesque. Smart looking, beautiful shoes. Damn I love a man who chooses decent shoes. That’s a “can’t resist attribute”. I lean back against the coolness of my plastic poster. Hope that it cools my blush.

I study him as he studies my poster. He’s concentrating line by line. With that academic focus that gets me really wet.

“Your confidence intervals are good”

His accent is amazing. His English perfect. I’m a little dumbstruck. And decide to take it all as a compliment. And maybe there is a hint of tease in his eyes – which are now looking at me.

Thank God for the poster stand to hold me up.


“Thanks. I tried to get it right”

He’s cute.  I want to run my tongue down his cheekbone. Along his neck. See his careful eyes roll up into his head. Hear that squeeze of a gasp that signifies the tipping point of his desire.  Feel him catching his balance with a hand on my waist. He is so poised so cool so calm. Want to see his eyes wander in the plenary to me – to my legs – to the back of my neck. And know that he is thinking about what he will do to me after the session. I want to tease that medical aloofness and hear him whisper that he wants me bad. Real bad.  I want to rumble right through his confidence intervals.


We met at a party last night – it was a nice party, but certainly not a wild one. Between slaps at the mosquitoes I heard about your research, your poster presentations, your conference experiences. Well, not too much about the “extracurricular” conference experiences, but at least the ones listed on the program. You were intriguing, exciting, and definitely sexy. I gave you my card… will you be in touch? Only time will tell…

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I have never seen so many Hot women and horny men than this years conference! certainly difficult to concentrate on business with all this distraction around…

maybe the “spanking between sessions” or a “bed in the booth” would really help to relax and regenerate.

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While not every session at AIDS 2010 is blog-worthy, it’s been a fantastic opportunity to catch up with Pleasure Project fans and friends, including Mike Kennedy from the Victorian AIDS Council in Australia. He gifted us with a huge (and I mean huge) calendar featuring (huge) pics of (huge) hot gay sex … just the kind of thing to hang on the office wall and impress the boss.

We’ve also hooked up with Support, the non-profit arm of the company that makes female condoms. They organized a workshop to promote female condoms to men, which included folks from Durex Condoms, MTV and BBC World Service Trust. Last night we sipped, nibbled and talked pleasure with them and others at the Viacom (i.e., parent company of MTV) party.

While not everyone at the party had heard of The Pleasure Project, when asked if they’d seen the posters about masturbation, porn during the plenary and spanking between sessions, most lit up with a spark of recognition and a cheeky grin. One more poster to go, and many more fantasies to spark. Stay tuned!

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