Here are a few of the people we like – people who can be sexy whilst talking about safety or are not scared to mention desire when promoting safer sex.


Got one you’re dying to share?

We are not pretending to be exhaustive, so please send us recommendations for more sites. Just remember that they must put the sexy back into safe sex.

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Safer erotic films and materials

A site that dares to admit that women like sex

Anna Span directs pornographic films that have story lines (shock! horror!) and use male and female condoms

Advocacy for safer sex within the porn industry

An erotic, sexy and educational movie that promotes safety but is guaranteed to teach you something new about pleasure. The Pleasure Project acted as the safer-sex consultants on the set (where we learnt many new tips and techniques). Read a few here.


Safer-sex related stores

This easy-to-navigate website was set up by the founders of the women-focused TV porn channel Xplicit – this site makes it onto our list for featuring the vibrating condom ring, it makes the condom vibrate thus giving “strong sensations for both partners”

This site is useful and fun. Operated by two women – a physician and a social worker – who support consensual pleasure for all adults, the site emphasises sensuality and sexual pleasure from the perspective of women.

The place to buy all your sex enhancing gadgets whilst learning about safe ways to handle them

An entertainment company focused on women’s sexual pleasure, CAKE online is a resource for exploring female sexuality, pleasure, health, and politics

A place to buy condoms, lube, sex toys and a range of erotic gift ideas (all in discreet brown paper packaging)

This is a condom seller that focuses first on pleasure, offering a range of sexy condoms, including the worlds first “shaped-to-fit condoms”, as well as orgasm fuel.

This store offers a wonderful range of pleasure-producing products.

A great spot to find sex toys, supplies, books of all kinds and lots of information about safer sex and fun sex education, including outreach education.

This pleasure pushing brand comes from the biggest condom manufacturer in India. The chocolate flavoured condoms look inviting.

This is one of the best and oldest women’s sex shops around! Need a vibrator or an erotic book? Then cruise around their relaxed shop in London’s East End (we were offered a cup of tea on arrival, which won us over immediately!)

This condom store promotes pleasure. Have fun making your own tune on the pleasure organ….


Some fun reading

“The smart honest magazine on sex with cuntsure (and cocksure) prose and fiction as well as striking photographs of naked people that capture more than their flesh.” We were won over by the ‘sexy’ reviews of 90s fitness videos.

The online version of the American magazine that has some interesting reads and current views on the pleasure world.


Sexy health materials and organizations

A sex education site that is more than happy to discuss good sex

The Center for Sex and Culture is a sex positive non-profit organization offering a library, sex parties and workshops

The Centre for the Study of sexuality in Asia with a sex-positive focus

Safety without fear for young people

The festival of pleasure held in Kerala, India and created by the Kerala Sex Workers Forum is a celebration of pleasure and respect for sex workers

Gay men fighting AIDS have always taken a pleasure angle, and this site is no exception

A smartly written and detailed guide for teenage boys to help them improve their sex lives

A fun site for teenagers with sound advice

Another resource for gay men with great sections on lube use and supplies

One of the largest reproductive health agencies gives clear advice on safer sex, including quotes from people claiming to enjoy sex and lots of it – hurrah!

A superb, wacky site that combines condom chat with fluffier smut and other dirty, wicked and witty writing.

ever wondered exactly where your fetish fits into the bigger pervie map ?  – check the chart on this site and read the tips for safe sex when exploring those desires that we just cannot normally talk about

the site of the Coalition for Positive Sexuality – safer sex site that says ‘yes’ to pleasure

A teenage sex advice that also talks technique and is beautifully designed

A super spot online for safety, health and good sex

An interactive CD where you can explore the places gay men go to for sex, dancing and fun. Great animations and humour.

The website of the Society for Human Sexuality. A site that is all about pleasure and safety

Writing about sacred sexuality including ‘the health benefits of sex’


Pleasure-Promoting People

The original ‘women’s touch woman’, Betty Dodson serves up frank, honest articles and advice on ‘liberating masturbation, erotic sex education and promoting sexual diversity’

This writer, performer, bi-activist, orgy hostess and sexologist tells it like it is


  1. Hey Pleasure Project!
    Thank you for all your amazing work!
    I’m looking for research that supports the benefits of using sex-positive approaches to sex education. Might you all have any academic/journal resources around that?

    Happy Wednesday, PP!

    Jackie T.

  2. Thanks Nachshon – we shall get onto updating those links – send more if you have them. TPP

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